How to buy the perfect engagement ring.

May 22nd 2017

How to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Purchasing an engagement ring will be one of the most important purchases you’ll make. After all, your fiancé will wear this ring every day for the rest of her life. However, it does not need to be a painful shopping experience. In the past we were often told you should spend approximately 2 months of salary on your engagement ring. If you have the ability to do so I would say this is money well spent. However, in this economy that might not always be possible and it will be more important to spend what you can comfortably afford rather than get something that will set you back for a long time.

The first step in searching for the perfect ring is to know your fiancé style. Ask people close to her such as her mother or close friend. Look at the type of jewelry she wears. Is it a classic style or perhaps modern look? Does she like intricate designs or clean simple bands? Does she wear gold, silver, or platinum? With a little bit of detective work you can have a fairly good idea of her style.

Now that you have an idea of her style you’ll need to learn a little about the stone to select. Most women in the United States prefer a diamond engagement ring so you’ll have to have a little bit of knowledge on selecting a diamond. You’ll be looking at the 4 c’s of buying a diamond. The cut, color, clarity, and carat are the 4 c’s in selecting the perfect diamond. I won’t go into too much detail on the 4 c’s because there is a lot of information out on the internet but I’ll touch a bit on each one.

Cut: The cut of the diamond should not be confused with the shape of the diamond. The cut refers to the diamonds reflective qualities. A good cut determines the ability of the diamond to handle the light which leads to the brilliance.

Color: The more colorless a diamond the more valuable it is. A diamond is graded on a scale is used with D being no color to Z which is a light yellow.

Clarity: When you think of diamonds clarity imagine it having fewer blemishes. It is no surprise that that most diamonds have flaws. A diamond with few inclusions and blemishes are rarer and thus more valuable.

Carat: The carat is the weight of which the diamond is measured. The more carats the larger and more expensive the diamond will be.

Now that you have an idea of the band style and how to select the right diamond you can start shopping. There are many online retailers that carry engagement rings at a huge discount as compared to your local jewelry store. And many online retailers have the same guarantees and warranty’s as you would find in a brick and mortar store. With a little bit of research and homework you will find the perfect ring that your fiancé will love for many years to come! Aloha,  Hawaiian Wedding Place!