Choosing the right colors for your wedding...

Posted by Hawaiian Wedding Place on May 22nd 2017

Choosing the right colors for your wedding...

When planning a wedding brides often struggle on the color scheme and what do the colors mean. The color scheme will set the entire theme of a wedding so it’s important to choose the right color for your wedding.  Here are a few tips on what vibes each color gives off and what it symbolizes.


  • Green … Reflects good fortune, health, optimism and harmony. In today’s eco-friendly world it represents a modern environmentally conscious wedding.
  • Royal Blue … Represents peace, serenity and openness. Grand, traditional and representing an elegant style such as a Cinderella fairy tale wedding.  
  • Pink … Happiness, playfulness, and representation of love’s sweet early years.
  • White … Hope, commitment, unity, purity and simplicity. It can be elegant such as Queen Victoria’s traditional wedding or modern such as minimalist Calla bouquets and lace free gowns.  
  • Red… Passion, confidence, and beauty. It is a romantic color and is often paired with crisp white.
  • Lavender… Represents enchantment, softness, and ladylike. It is used in traditional wedding cakes and floral.
  • Yellow… Joy, happiness and new beginnings.  It is perfect for a New England style wedding with porcelain and handmade papers.
  • Aqua…Represents a vibrant fresh and fun loving wedding. This color is often used in tropical and poolside weddings.
  • Silver…Represents glamour, sophistication, and wealth. Often used as an accent color in trim on cakes and incorporated into centerpieces.
  • Black … Sophisticated, bold, elegant and mysterious. It is a popular color today with the new found interest in The Great Gatsby inspired weddings.

When shopping for the perfect Wedding Dress , Grooms shirt, and Brides Maid Dresses it is important to consider the theme of your wedding. Are you looking for a tropical beach feel? Or perhaps you want an elegant fantasy Cinderella wedding?  Start by listing out themes you might want, then selecting your colors, and finally the fun part of putting it all together for your fabulous wedding! Aloha, Hawaiian Wedding Place