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What to pack for your tropical honeymoon

What to pack for your tropical honeymoon

Hawaiian Wedding Place on May 22nd 2017

You spend so much time planning and preparing for your wedding that you are looking forward to that tropical honeymoon where you can relax and soak up the sun. However, you do want to put some thought into what to bring on your honeymoon so that you can be comfortable and have everything you need. Here are a few pointers on getting ready for your tropical honeymoon and what to pack.

1. You are headed to the tropics so it will be warm and most of your days will be spent wearing little clothing so pack light. If possible try to fit it into a carry on suitcase. This will prevent your bag from getting lost and you’ll beat the crowds out of the terminal to a waiting taxi or rental car office.
2. Call ahead to the hotel and find out what they provide. Do they have courtesy shampoo and conditioner or you can pack a travel size shampoo/conditioner? Will they provide a hair dryer and an iron if needed? This will help eliminate packing duplicate items.
3. You should pack 2-3 dresses or skirts that are made of lightweight fabric. Any short dress with spaghetti straps or tube top is ideal for the look and comfort of the tropics. Pair any of these dresses with strappy sandals and a shawl and you are now ready for dinner at any restaurant.
4. If you feel you need to pack pants limit these to 2 pairs. The tropics are humid and pants can make you overheat. If you do bring pants lightweight fabrics are best. Capri’s are perfect for the tropics. They are a lighter and cooler than pants and can easily be dressed up but also look good in any beach setting.
5. Pack 2-3 pairs of shorts as you will be using these often for your trips to the beach, hiking, or biking adventures. Be sure these are lightweight fabrics such as cotton but you can bring a dressier pair such as rayon or linen for a dressier look.
6. Pack 4-5 shirts. Because you will be outdoors a lot you might need to change your shirt more than once. Cotton t-shirts can be rinsed out and hung to dry. They can easily be knotted and worn over a sarong for a dressier evening look.
7. Pack 2 swimsuits so that you can alternate between them. Buy bikinis that can be mixed and matched so you can get a total of 4 looks out of 2 suits.
8. Don’t forget to pack that special lingerie for your wedding night.
9. A light cotton sweater should be all that you need to keep you warm at night.
10. A comfortable pair of sandals that can be casual enough to walk around all day but dressy enough to step out onto the dance floor at night. A good pair of tennis shoes for the days you’ll spend exploring trails and flip flops for easy slipping on and off at the beach or pool.

Just remember that this is the tropics so you’ll want to wear lightweight clothing to stay cool and comfortable. It’s also a very relaxed casual environment so you want tropical prints and colors. Remember to leave some room in your carry on for the souvenirs you’ll want to take back. Aloha! Hawaiian Wedding Place